Flyday Saturday June 17th 2023


Horizon Hobby Carbon Cub S 2 BNF Basic with SAFE HBZ32500

Saturday June 17th, 2023 was another beautiful Flyday.

Maiden flight for Horizon Hobby Carbon Cub S 2 1.3m BNF with landing assist Sensor Module (LAS) and GPS module at Spillway Radio Control Club (AMA 979) in Norco Louisiana.

Today, we maidened a Horizon Hobby Carbon Cub Bind and Fly (BNF)

The Carbon Cub is brilliant yellow 51″ (1.3m) trainer that is typically available for $270. Batteries, battery charges and transmitter have to be provided separately.

The plane comes in kit form – but only a short time is needed to assemble the plane.

Setting up the plane on the transmitter proved to be troublesome ! READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CLOSELY !!!

First off – the plane WILL NOT BIND if it is upside down ! We spent an hour puzzling over why the plane would not bind.

Carbon Cub said, see, we told you in the instructions, in a footnote at the bottom of page 7 !!!

*The throttle will not arm if the transmitter’s throttle stick is not put at the lowest position. the aircraft will not arm when it is upside down.

Uh, Sure guys ! You could put that in as a STEP in the binding procedure “3a. Place Aircraft upright and level. Move Throttle stick to lowest position (Transmitter will NOT bind if plane is upside down. Plane needs to be level to bind.” !

The second sticking point, that held us up for several more hours, was the plane would not leave ‘SAFE’ mode. That problem turned out to be a problem with the I button being configured backwards. We did not figure out that problem until late that night. However, while fiddling with the model, we pressed the I button and got it into SAFE mode (from a blinking mode). So this flight was done with the plane in SAFE mode in moderately high winds ! NOT A GREAT PLAN.

Fortunately, Mark was able to skillfully turn the craft and return it to the field despite the weak control elements.

Next time we try it with GPS module ($49.99) and Landing Assist Sensor Module (LAS) ($29.99) features.