Flyday – Saturday June 10th 2023


Eclipson Go Wolf

Eclipson Go Wolf Maiden flight June 10, 2023

June 10th was a beautiful day for a Maiden.

We had been working for several months printing our first 3D printed airplane. The plane was finally ready to go, we just needed an experienced pilot for the maiden flight. We drove out to the Spillway Radio Control Club. Mark Rabito, club president was there, he volunteered to fly the Maiden.

The plane is an Eclipson Gö 1 Wolf – a free design from Eclipson. The plane is a motorized glider, Eclispon says:

Gö 1 Wolf
This is our motorized version of the vintage Göppingen Gö 1 Wolf. The model was a single-seat glider produced in Germany from 1935. This airplane is a fantastic trainer for those who want to try a 3D printed airplane for the first time. It is very easy to print thanks to the reduced size, and the “no retraction” design strategy where the quantity of travel has been reduced to the minimum possible thus improving the printing quality. In the air the model is docile, easy to fly and slow (especially if printed with LW-PLA). In the event of a crash, just print another one! The electronics, which are the most expensive part of the plane, will survive and can be used in your next Eclipson model! Join our Facebook group community to share your Wolf, or to ask in case of doubt during the printing/assembly process.

The make beautiful designs for 3D printers. All of their designs are designed to work on the low cost Creality Ender3 printer. But we printed this plane on a slightly more expensive but much more reliable Prusa MK3+.

Pilot: Mark R.
Launcher: Mark H.
3d Printed by: Nicholas J
3D Printer: Prusa MK3+
Filament: Blue PLA
Video by: Nicholas J